Hi Jim,
I can’t begin to tell you how much fun everyone had on the charter. I told Jennifer that after seeing some of the photos, you probably wished you were on the charter, too! The weather was incredible, the crew was over the top in service & professional skills and Jamal was a real treat. You certainly did a great job on the design. Sorry it didn’t work to meet you. It would have been a real pleasure. You must be very proud of Jennifer, she is such a professional.
You got a real winner in Kari. Jennifer & Lenore were very pleasantly surprised at how well she performed and how well she fit in with everyone. Each day I would think it couldn’t get any better, but it did.
I’ll probably plan on this again next year.
Have a fun time yourself this week.

All the best and thanks again.

Dick Qualsett

Of all the journeys I have taken, this one has to be one of the best! A memorable time spent in the company of old and new friends. Jim, you are a great skipper and a most interesting man! We enjoyed your thought provoking questions at dinner and felt better for the laughter many of them provided! Sally, you are a wonder! As a chef, you excel but as a person, you are unmated. What a lot we learned from you! We hope you have a wonderful summer of cruising. We will thank of you often and wish we were sharing the moment with you.

Thank you so much!

Jim thanks for the opportunity to cruise with you. There is much to remember and remember I will. From the bears and whales, to the dolphins and eagles, to quiet bays and a pod of Orcas, this was simply a great trip. Not one day of rain and only about 4 hours of rough seas, how did you do it? It was an added bonus to help you and Sally celebrate your birthday.
Thanks for letting us play with all the toys and drive the boat around logs.
Whishing you a summer of sunshine and smooth seas, and love and laughter as we have known these past 10 days.


Dear Jim, Fran & Sally,
We have had a most fantastic cruise with a most generous Captain. Sally in the galley had the most satisfying food of any cruise I have been on. The sea lions and seals were great to watch and the whales put on a fine show, with their fluking and blowing. The scenery was awesome. The sailing was smooth. I will never go on a large cruise ship again. This is the only way to go on a vacation.

Mary Lkaks, Mike & Janice ONeal

Dear Jennifer, Fran & Sally,
This was the best vacation! So relaxing and beautiful! Thank you for everything and especially teaching me the “Jamaican” wave!

Ann (and Don) Lees

Jon, Jim, Sally, Wally, & Frani Wani,
What a wonderful wonderful holiday and an adventure beyond imagination. Every day something new and fun. The aromas and tastes of such amazing food “Sal”, well Im looking forward to the cookbook. Frani, where do you get so much energy? Thanks for the service with sooooooo many smiles, hugs and giggles. Gen, you are fabulous in so many ways. Thanks for getting us there and doing so much behind the scenes for us to make it all the more fantastic. Jim, you are awesome, awesome, and “Sal” thanks for treating my kids like a prince and princess. All the tender loving care in Dawns food.

Thank you Thank you Thank you. I hope our paths cross so many times again. Love you all cause we are family now.

Donna Jackson
Keep Smiling !!!

Jen, Jim, Sally & Fran,
Thank you, thank you, thank you! This has not been just a trip, it has been an experience full of memories and firsts. Youve made us all fee like a part of your family which has made this journey even more special. Thank you for all the smiles & for the way you took care of us all. I hope our paths cross again, we have been blessed to be in such wonderful company.

Love from Dawn & Tom Buehnes

Jen, Lenora and Maureen,
“Thank you” so much for a wonderful experience here on The Jamal. It has to be the very best cruise in the world. Jen, you have to be the most wonderful, big-hearted, talented Captain ever. We are so lucky to have Lenora as our chef. Not only is she the very best at her skill, shes loving, kind, and joyful. Maureen has been an absolute doll with her sweet smiles and darling personality. Thank you all so much!

Marguerite & Richard

Dear Jen, Maureen & Lenore,
We thank you very much for this wonderful experience. You all will have a very special place in our hearts. You do this job so very well, each of you.

Much love, Bob & Judy Argazzi

Den Jen, Mo, and Sally,
Theres nothing I could write that would express how truly wonderful this trip on Jamal has been. The itinerary you laid out was extraordinary, from the whale watching to the quaint harbors, but the best of all was the opportunity to spend time with three amazing women and the Jamalians, of course! Also, special thanks to Sally for forever raising our expectations of great food! I hope we all meet again! Thanks for sharing your love of Jamal and the Pacific NW with us!

Jamie Matusou

Awesome sights and mtns, waterfalls, glaciers
Lots of wildlife and bears, sea lions, whales, eagles
Adventures on shore and Steely Dan, hot springs, lakes, wild flowers, bear poop
Sensational Sensations of the Senses and Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners
Kindest Crew!!! and Jim and Corinne & Sally Jo
Among friends while making memories.

Kathy & Charlie Watson

Well, this is Day 5 for my week long adventure on the Jamal. Grandpa & Grandma will still be with all of you for a week after we leave. Trent & I, (newlyweds), have had the most spectacular time with all of you. Our crew, Captain Jen, Kathy (Kiki) & Sally Wally. You have made this trip a dream come true for us. We came here to relax before our big day, & we have definitely accomplished that. It was above & beyond anything we could have imagined! Alaska is beautiful & breath-taking, but not half as beautiful & breath-taking as you three ladies. The hospitality, amazing, the food, outstanding, the memories, forever! The generosity of our Captain, even though she was on a schedule, was perfect. She knew how badly I, (Allie), wanted to see whales. She found them & took the time out for us to enjoy them. I shall never forget her for that; I will never forget any of the crew. They will be forever in our hearts and I truly wish they could be at our wedding. Thank you so much for your kindnesses.

Jen and Dont ever change! Your bubbly nature is infectious! I love it!
Kathy (Kiki) and Great child-naming skills. Great taste! Love ya!
Sally Wally and We love you! You are the gentlest, sweetest woman we have ever met!

All of you will be forever remember, forever loved!

Trent & Allie Jacobson

Sensational sights of whales, glaciers, and bears have made this voyage on the Jamal the most fantastic way to see Alaska. Taking those narrow passages and hearing the thunderous crack of the glaciers remains for me the highlight of the trip.

Thanks to you, Jennifer, we have seen as much of Alaska as possible in a short time. You took us to waterfalls, sea lions, warm & hot springs and superbly maneuvered the boat to sight whales. Travel in tandem with DK, Stacy and Megan proved to be fortuitous, with them some of our group went fishing and even saw bears in action.

And, Jen, your crew of Sally, Sally Jo, and Cathy went out of their way at all times to make us extremely comfortable, well fed, and entertained.
You have all enriched my life and I will miss you. Alaska will be here if we ever decide to return, but we would be lacking something if we didnt see you again.

Mike Kain

Sally, Jen, Sally-Jo (Cathy) & Cathy (Kiki)
We Love you ladies and and had an absolutely awesome time! Highlights of course were: Sallys incredible meals, whale-watching, kayaking, glacier watching & just being here! You ladies are the BEST and we love you all!


My Dears,
Beautiful Jamalian Girls, well Women really, I or we love you all. This trip to British Columbia was amazing. I loved every minute of it. From swimming in the lake to cruising all day. I wouldnt change a thing. Not to mention the amazing food and crew on board. Sally, you are so sweet and an amazing cook , undeniable the sweetest, most patient woman I have ever met and I am a better person for knowing you. Fran, we had so much fun talking about random things and Im glad I have met you, you are an amazing person. Captain Jennifer, he he, what can I say, your funny, sweet and serious all at the same time, just so fun to be around. I would have never dreamed of a better trip and better people to spend it with. God bless you and stay safe. Your up and coming.

Love always,
Jamalian Girl

Latta Queke

Fred & I thank you for a wonderful cruise. This is such a special boat and everyone has been so good to us. We definantly look forward to sailing with you again.

Shawn & Fred Smith
Austin, Texas


Jim & Barbara Roberts
Park city, UT

This trip was everything we hoped for and and more!
Thank you for a memorable week

Jim & Bea Taylor

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